Siôn Griffiths represents Canada 7s

Sion Griffiths

Our very own Siôn Griffiths represented Canada over 2 weekends in the Spanish 7s! We are very proud of you, Siôn.

From the family:

“Siôn has always been active and loved participating in as many sports as possible. (soccer, field hockey, fencing, archery, basketball, tennis, track and field, even tap dancing!) Rugby didn’t happen until Grade 9 at Brentwood College but being a multi-sport athlete helped fuel his skills and passion for rugby.

He’s always been a very hard-working, fair, and humble team player. Fiercely competitive but never the one needing to bask in the glory of scoring the goals or tries. He has overcome adversity many times due to injury and every time he bounces back more determined to do better. You will always see him arrive first to practice and the one picking up the flags and cones at the end of each practice or game. If you ask any of his coaches, they will say that he is a respectful and dedicated athlete. Siôn has also given back to his community by coaching youths in both track and field and Grassroots rugby.

Dewi and I are so proud of Siôn and we are ecstatic that he has fulfilled so many of his goals that he set for himself.”

– Stacey Griffiths

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