Insurance – Medical Coverage

Basic Medical Coverage

All team members are required to have basic medical coverage, either through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) or an alternative medical insurance, if ineligible for MSP.

Rugby Canada Coverage

Rugby Canada’s insurance policy does not provide medical coverage if you do not have basic medical insurance.

Supplemental Coverge

There is now a BC-wide rugby insurance plan for physio etc. for paid-up players. Here is what covered in the plan: click here

Making a supplemental coverage claim

Please see below for steps for current insurance claim process:

1. Immediately complete an injury and witness report within 24 hours of the incident occurring

• Injury report to be completed by athlete (if possible) or coach

• Witness report to be completed by medical staff, coach, manager, match official or volunteer present

2. Notify CHUBB Insurance, provincial union and Rugby Canada within 72 hours of the incident

• Scan and Email reports to, provincial union contact, and

• Should you have issues please call toll free 1-877-772-7797 (CHUBB Insurance)

3. Athlete must acquire a physician referral for treatment before an insurance claim can be reimbursed for any treatment / medical expense

4. Athlete acquires physician referral for treatment

5. Referrals, invoices and receipts must be scanned and emailed to, provincial union contact and with the Subject Line: Rugby Injury & Claim – ________(Athlete’s first and last name)

6. CHUBB Insurance Representative will process claim and notify athlete / parent of reimbursement

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