Announcing the Pig Pen Supporters Club

Dear Supporters

These past 12 months have been like no other.  Our lives, our livelihoods, our hobbies and weekend pursuits have been altered in ways that we couldn’t have imagined back in March 2020.  Yet in midst of all this disruption, the Cowichan Rugby Club has continued to do what is does best – thrive and survive under pressure.

Faced with a suspension of formal play, the Piggies challenged themselves to hold true to our motto, “Piggie Park never closes.”  Throughout the fall, we filled the game gap with an in-house touch league made up of players from the men’s, women’s, ol’boys’ and junior programs. Furthermore, thanks to the dedicated coaches, our junior boys, girls and minis were also able to train through the fall.

We miss the game and all the things that make Piggie Park special… having a drink in the club, singing around the piano and connecting with our loyal and generous supporters.  Initially we’d hope to return to some form of competitive rugby in early 2021 but the pandemic has made this far from certain.

It has always been due to the generosity of our supporters that the proud tradition of Piggie rugby has prospered for many years in the Cowichan Valley. Even as we wait for rugby to return, your club still needs your support.

Announcing the Pig Pen Supporters Club!  This Supporters Club is an opportunity for Piggie alumni, supporters and fans from near or far to support the Cowichan Rugby Club.

We have had some earlier donors, and this is what they’ve had to say about why they donated:

The good old days have always been due to one critical thing: the people. That club brings out the best in people, just more reason why it will always be my second home.  Bricklen Anderson, member of 1998 2nd Division BC Champions
I started my recurring monthly social donation as I know it’s an easy way to provide funds on a regular basis to my local rugby club and give back to the sport which has provided me with a lifetime of friendship, fun and travel with more to come. I have seen firsthand what amazing goals can be accomplished with this type of fundraising. Every Piggie Old Boy and Alumni should be doing this!  Paul Mycroft, Piggie Ol’boy
As a former board member of CRFC and in particular that of the treasurer, I cannot stress how difficult it was managing the debt, paying the day to day bills due to the uncertainty of regular income.  And all this was during a ‘normal’ year when fundraising activity was ongoing.  I can only imagine the stress of financing the club during this pandemic year.  It is incumbent upon us to maintain this club and your few dollars are the lifeblood to do just that.  I welcome this donation campaign and hope that you all support it.  Annie McGeachy, former Club Secretary and Treasurer
At a time when the major focus of rugby is on the professional game it is important to recognize and support the local amateur clubs. They strive to introduce and grow the game in their community.  Cowichan Rugby Club has excelled in this during its history and is highly respected nationally and internationally. I would encourage the Piggie Old Boys and Alumni to donate to this campaign.  Barkley Logan, Club President 2000-2005, player 1972-mid 80s

Our online recurring (and one-time) donation program will go toward building capital funds, which will support the repairs and replacement of the infrastructure around Piggie Park (the clubhouse, change rooms, concession etc.), and by extension our mini, junior, women and men’s programs.  Our donation program offers supporters the chance to donate on a monthly, yearly or one-time basis.  Throughout the year, donors will receive an exclusive gift (see below) plus a shout-out in the Piggie Post and our social media channels:

  • GOLD: $50 monthly or $600 yearly, receive a Cowichan RFC crested rugby ball.
  • SILVER: $25 monthly or $300 yearly, receive a Cowichan RFC crewneck sweater.
  • BRONZE: $10 monthly or $120 yearly, receive a Cowichan RFC t-shirt.
  • ONE-TIME: Donate whatever amount you wish.
  • Donations over $20 will receive an exclusive Cowichan RFC gift.

Thank you for your support through the years. Here’s looking forward to the time when we can meet again cheer for the lads and lasses in the black green and sing our favorite song.

Yours in rugby,

Angie Gudmundseth


Cowichan Rugby Football Club


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