The Legacy Fund

In 2021 the Cowichan Rugby Club at the request of President Angie Gudmundseth, formed a Long Term Planning Committee (LTPC). The goal is to formalize a plan for the club grounds infrastructure and implement the upgrades with the approval from the Board of Executives. In its inaugural year, 7 members were invited to participate in the LTPC (for up to 2 years at a time) and began collecting records and documents pertaining to the club grounds as well as all relevant information pertaining to the rules and regulations in terms of our legal obligations. With this information now in one place and being thoroughly looked over with the assistance of the CVRD. The LTPC’s next steps are to determine a path forward for the necessary upgrades required to maintain a clean, safe, and progressive facility while keeping in line with restrictions that come with an ALR designation. Everything must be done methodically moving forward to ensure the future of the club for generations to come! 

Where does The Legacy Fund come in? All funds accrued are set aside in a designated capital expenditures account to be used towards infrastructure updates with the approval of the Executive before spending occurs. It does not go into our general revenue flow to pay monthly bills, buy kit, supplies, or any other consumable the club may need. 

Currently the LTPC has three upgrades in progress that they hope will benefit the users of the club in the short term and to show in a small way how your donation can make a real difference! 

  1. Paint the clubhouse
  2. Replace the exterior of the concession with metal siding to ensure nothing unwanted can get in as well as create a more visually pleasing and long lasting structure. 
  3. Renovate the bathrooms within the clubhouse to make a more comfortable experience for all. This will include upgrades that won’t be seen but will lower the amount of water required and in turn, lower our water usage bill. If current funds allow, the adjacent detached changing rooms and washrooms will also receive the attention they need. 

Every donor to The Legacy Fund will receive a gift and a shout out on our Social Media channels, website, and Piggie Post in our appreciation of your contribution. There is an option when signing up to remain anonymous if preferred. 

  • GOLD: $50 monthly or $600 yearly, receive a Cowichan RFC crested rugby ball.
  • SILVER: $25 monthly or $300 yearly, receive a Cowichan RFC crewneck sweater.
  • BRONZE: $10 monthly or $120 yearly, receive a Cowichan RFC t-shirt.
  • ONE-TIME: Donate whatever amount you wish. Donations over $20 will receive an exclusive Cowichan RFC gift.

As The Legacy Fund grows, so will the strength of Cowichan RFC and rugby on the Island.

We welcome and always appreciate your continued support. #PiggiePride

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