Keg Donation

Donate a Keg to the Club:

For the Piggy supporters near and far, you can now buy a keg of the Piggy Pale Ale, Laketown Lager, or Midnight Umber directly from Red Arrow Brewery. 

Keg Options are roughly $120 for a 29L Keg or $180 for a 50L Keg. Please contact Red Arrow to order and they will contact the Club for pick up!


We would like to thank all the donors to date and many have contributed more than once. There are a number of anonymous donors as well and we could not be more grateful for all of your support!

Doug Solloway Granny & Rhonda Grantham Louis Gudmundseth Melissa & The Clark Family The Cameron Clan Cam Wilton Craig Harman Robin Gusse
Liz & Lance Steward Eric Gusse SAE Sheet Metal Denise McGeachy Bernard Cari Saari McGeachy Family Gerry Rees
Howard Gerwing Doug Wooldridge Caity Genereaux Howard Dixon The Olsons George & Das Sweny Gabriel Farrell Lance Macdonald
Mike Holmes Wayne Loutete Angie Gudmundseth Taffy (Osborne Bay Resort) May Geach Sean (Mill Bay Marina) Joan & Gerard Wright David Patterson
Pemberton Holmes John Ayre Vince Avery Gary Dukelow Neil Bevan Sonny (Bumper to Bumper) Cody Milne Isabelle Mahieu
Gord McGeachy John Batty Megan Rintala Will Winter (Bolite) Jeremy McDowell Matt Melgaard Howard Dixon John Thomas
Maggie & Carly Gudmundseth Angie Davies Barkley Logan Mike owell Angie Davis David Hopps Gary Dukelow Bruce Findlay
Linnwood Manor Sean Williams (Bolite) Darrin Handley Ed and Jane Hourihan Bernie LeBlanc Dione Vince Avery Phil Mack
Jason Finlayson Jane & Samantha Steward Annie McGeachy Micha Howell Chris Hopps Darren & Marvin Megan Rintala John Wrafter
Coast Roofing The Koza’s In Memory of Tom Clark Nenagh McCullough Andrew Wright The Bergies PJ Power Washing Mark Chabot
Hazel Moore Ron Glass Cannonball Hall Mike Rea’s Stag        
Janet, Koza & Kim Jenna Budgen Harold Backer Darren Handley        
Heritage House Gifts Loree Fulton Moo’s Pizza Rogi Young        
Dodds Lumber The Hamstra’s Steve Cowie The Geach Family        
The Mucks Lion Rampant Pub Gudy Gudmundseth          
John Carey Jenner Teufel Barkley Logan          
Robert Hearn Jennifer Fox Shawnigan Lake School          
Sideshow + Micha Duncan Porter Rogi Young          
Stacey & Mike Rea James Tyler Garside          
Sunny Parmar Bob & Steph McDonald Dougie Rea          

Please let us know if there are any spelling corrections required!

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